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ANENA Indoor Air Quality Testing and Consulting

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We’re an industry-recognized Canadian environmental inspection company established in 2000, serving commercial, residential and institutional facilities. If you’re looking for indoor air quality testing, asbestos testing, bacterial testing, and mould testing, rest assured that our certified team provides expert assistance to home and business areas affected by environmental threats.

Our company has an extensive background in environmental testing of air, water, soil and surfaces. We translate the results provided by laboratory testing and are able to assess and identify possible hazardous materials and substances.

Hygiene Monitoring and Management System

For buildings and institutions where COVID-19 has infected people, we can verify the cleaning efficacy onsite with our hygiene monitoring and management system. This identifies if there’s any trace of protein on cleaned surfaces as this enables the virus to survive.

Common Air Quality Problems


Mould is a fungus that can be found pretty much anywhere. Mould spores are a common component of dust at home or in the workplace. In large quantities, they’re a health hazard to us


Asbestos is a type of mineral commonly used in buildings before the 80s. It can be extremely harmful to our health, causing such health problems as Asbestosis and even cancer.

Nearby Grow Op

Marijuana grow ops are found in all types of locations and buildings, from rural farms to typical subdivisions, creating health and safety concerns for future owners and inhabitants.

Air Quality

Air quality testing is extremely important. Whether you are awake spending time with friends and family, or asleep, you are breathing in whatever harmful pollution may be within your home.

Indoor Air Quality Testing & Consulting

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At ANENA we are:
• 100% Canadian owned and operated
• Certified Mould Inspectors
• Certified Environmental Managers
• Certified Indoor Air Quality Specialists
• Hazardous Material Assessments
• Independent testing agencies ensuring no conflict of interest
• Servicing all of Alberta

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Air Quality Inspections

Air Quality

Air quality is not just important for you, but for everyone who enters through the doors of you...

Nearby Grow Op

Marijuana grow operations can occur in any neighbourhood, high or low end, as well as...


Asbestos can be xtremel y harmful to our health, causing such health problems as Asbestosis...


Microbial Contamination can develop in a period of 72 hours. All mould needs in order to grow is...

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Just to let you know your crew the best company that I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with! They were extremely professional, very polite, and the work was exceptional. The manner and speed they did this job was remarkable. Me and my family really can’t recommend this company highly enough.

Charles D.
Charles D.Alberta

They installed a new compressor and furnace. The installers were prompt, courteous, and knowledgeable. The lead representative was knowledgeable, helpful and ensured that all aspects of the installation were understood. Everyone who came to work in our house was incredibly polite and professional.

Arthur L.
Arthur L.Alberta

Very professional and competent. Servicer performed the work promptly and shared his finding afterwards. No hard sell of additional services. I’d definitely use again. Highly recommend this companty and the crew. I am a very satisfied with the performance of the AC unit and continued service from them.

Jim R.
Jim R.Alberta