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Indoor Air Quality Could be at Risk In Your Home: Hazardous Materials Inspection.

Some of the most common threats to air quality include things like asbestos and mould but there are other invisible threats disguised as innocent materials that can be found in our homes because we’ve become used to having them around.

Some hazardous materials to air quality include pollen, dust, toxic household cleaning products, pet hair and dander, paint fumes, pesticides and much more. Even though these materials are common things in our everyday lives, this doesn’t mean we should keep them at the expense of our health.

Indoor air pollutants are much more harmful than outdoor pollutants due that they get concentrated inside of our homes. If you don’t get rid of these hazardous materials, they will affect your health and that of those who live with you severely with headaches, lung problems, and even cancer.

Due that there can be a lot of different materials that can pollute your air, identifying every single one of them can be hard without the proper knowledge, but our professionals at Anena Indoor Air Quality Testing & Consulting can do it. Call us for an inspection today!

Protect Your Health with Anena Indoor Air Quality.

It is worrying knowing that there are things in our homes that can be polluting our air, but you can’t eliminate a threat you don’t know about.

With a professional hazardous materials inspection, we can restore safety in your home. Our air quality experts will rigorously inspect your home with high-tech equipment to ensure we don’t miss any detail.

Once we perform a full inspection, we will assess you on how to prevent these threats and eliminate them once and for all. Trust Anena Indoor Air Quality Testing & Consulting to protect your health. Contact us today!