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Discover Mould Threats With Our Highly Qualified Mould Inspections.

At your home, business, office, institution or any other place where you perform your daily activities and you spend most of your time, you definitely want to care for yourself, your loved ones, your clients, your students, etc. Providing a healthy environment for them and for you, should always be a top priority.

Health and hygiene can’t be overlooked, and this comes down to one of the most important aspects of living which is respiration. There are many threats in the air you breathe, you might not be aware of, and one of them is mould. Mould exposure occurs daily either indoors or outdoors so it’s important to inspect the daily spaces.

Anena Indoor Air Quality Testing & Consulting believes that the places you spend your time on should be used for your enjoyment & development, not for your harm. Don’t let mould take over your life. At Anena, we believe in solving problems in a safe and cost effective manner.

Why You Need Mould Inspections.

School, home, work, and others are the places where most of your life is spent with the people you love, the people you care for or the people you serve, but apart from them, you could also be living with mould.

Mould spores can contain toxins & growing mycelia can release airborne volatile compounds (e.g. musty odor), developed by growing in buildings with water leakage, excessive humidity or condensation problems. These are a threat to a healthy environment. In large quantities, they could aggravate allergies such as asthma or cause respiratory problems affecting everyone from infants to adults & elders.

Mould inspections can help define these issues. So don’t wait any longer to protect your property and let Anena Indoor Air Quality Testing & Consulting perform complete and reliable mould inspections.

Protecting Your Property & Health Is Important to Us, Just As Much As It Is For You.

Because everyone should have access to clean & pure air, we serve residential,
commercial, institutional, educational & industrial clients in Edmonton, Calgary & Alberta cities.

There’s not a worst menace to your health than those you can’t see, but working with Anena in your mould inspections, you’ll have a reliable and honest air consulting & testing company that puts our client’s well-being as our top priority. We have over 20 years of experience and certified technicians to perform superior mould inspections at a fair value because we see your health as our main concern.

Through this top quality mould inspections service and great customer attention, Anena delivers our services with integrity. Contact Anena now to schedule your mould inspections with the peace of mind you deserve