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We Protect Every Breath: Indoor Air Quality Testing & Consulting Services

Air quality directly relates to your health, and when the air you breathe is polluted, your health is jeopardized.

There can be many problems on a day to day basis affecting your air quality, some of them you may be aware of and some of them not, but to guarantee your air is 100% safe to breathe, you can rely on our air quality testing & consulting solutions.

Once your work with Anena Indoor Air Quality you will have the peace of mind the indoor air inside your property has the high-quality our services have, even if you can’t see it. Contact us for consultations today!

Asbestos Testing & Inspection

Was your residential or commercial property built before 1987? If this is the case, we recommend an asbestos inspection.

It once was believed that asbestos was a great construction material, but nowadays it’s nothing but a severe threat and the source of many issues such as asbestosis. Detecting asbestos quickly with asbestos testing and inspection is key for remediation.

Anena Indoor Air Quality provides continuous asbestos and air quality monitoring in all three stages of asbestos abatement (before, during, and after abatement) to ensure no efforts are in vain.

Hazardous Materials Inspection

Air pollutants can be some of the most common items and products found in your home. Because they are so diverse, it may be hard to identify all of them by yourself.

If you want to secure your residential or commercial property from air pollutants, Anena Indoor Air Quality testing can help you with a thorough hazardous materials inspection and consultation for remediation. 

We don’t overlook any detail as some pollutants can significantly affect your health but you can rely on our hazardous materials professional inspections to watch over your indoor air.

Mould Testing & Inspection

Mould is one of the most common air quality threats and since it can have diverse causes, it’s a good practice to check for mould in your property, whether brand-new or antique.

Sometimes mould can be found right away, but this isn’t always the case. There are two techniques for mould testing which are intrusive and non-intrusive. You can choose among these two techniques but we encourage you to do both for a more accurate diagnosis.

Mould testing & inspection go hand in hand, therefore, ensuring that both procedures are implemented is the only way to eliminate mould from your property. Recurrent mould issues are the product of a poor inspection.

Anena Indoor Air Quality will help you obtain integral results from our mould testings & inspections. We discover all visible and non-visible areas of risk, sources, and signs of mould along with recommendations to mitigate the risk and eliminating mould.

Marijuana Grow Operation (Hazard Assessment)

Are you concerned about a grow op on your rental property? The hazards can develop into others such as mold growth and affect air quality.

We can come to your property and assess any hazards if you have any suspects of marijuana nearby grow operation. A marijuana indoor grow operation can cause elevated levels of allergens, particulate matter, pesticides, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide (in some cases), and other airborne pollutants to affect air quality.

With Anena Indoor Air Quality you don’t have to worry about your air quality with our grow op hazard assessment and consultation of what you can do to protect your air.

Bacterial Testing (E. Coli)

coli can be contracted by several foods, but did you know that it can also be found in the water you drink?

This bacteria is part of the natural intestinal flora, but when consumed from other sources it can be harmful. The water you drink every day could hold E. Coli but to safeguard your health, Anena Indoor Air Quality can also provide bacterial testing from sources of running water in your property.

Possible health effects associated with exposure to mould

Home is where the heart is: it’s where we spend time with family, friends and loved ones. Because we spend so much of our time at home, home is also where our health is!

Health risks increase with exposure to higher mould levels, especially in an indoor setting where occupants spend more time. The health effects are dependent upon the type and amount of mould as well as each person’s susceptibility.

Possible health effects from mould exposure may include:

  • Wheezing or difficult breathing
  • Nose, eye or throat irritation
  • Nasal or sinus congestion
  • Dry, hacking cough
  • Skin irritation or rashes

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