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Have you become a victim? Has or was your rental property converted into a Grow Op?

Marijuana grow ops are found in all types of locations and buildings, from rural farms to typical subdivisions, creating health and safety concerns for future owners and inhabitants.

It is common for these illegal grow operations to make significant structural, mechanical and electrical changes to facilitate their criminal enterprise. A practice common in grow ops is to core through the foundation wall to bypass the electrical meter, thus affecting the integrity of the foundation wall. Cutting holes through the ceilings , floors and walls for vent ducting is also common, thus affecting the buildings structural integrity. Furnaces and hot water tanks may have had the exhaust stacks altered to discharge combustion gases into the premises. Another common practice is to bypass the water system prior to the meter to provide undetected quantities of water for the growing operation.

Aside from the visible damage, the hidden environmental damage is of equal concern. High temperatures and humidity within a sealed building can often lead to mould growth and microbial contamination in as little as 72 hours. Mould growth is not only visible on ceilings/walls and floors, but also occurs within wall cavities, building insulation, attics and the air handling ductwork.

Approved AHS Consultant

ANENA Indoor Air Quality Testing and Consulting is an approved Alberta Health Services Consultant. As a liason, ANENA works between you the owner, the remediation contractor and AHS .

ANENA can provide the following:

  • Obtain permission to enter
  • Hazard assessment
  • Scope of Work
  • Assistance in selecting a remediation contractor
  • Post testing upon completion of remediation
  • Final inspection and report for AHS.

ANENA can guide you through the complex process, from overseeing the remediation to returning your property to a habitable state. For assistance call ANENA now at 1-587-777-6653.


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